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Back in 1999 I noticed the gay library at Indiana University was using paper and pen to keep track of their check outs and patron list. I thought this was a really bad idea, and thought I could create a computer-based system for them. After several simple programs I tried to write failed, I realized it would have to be a much bigger program. So, in 2000, I created this.

The result doesn't have a name, so I'll call it the online library. It handles all the functions that a library might need to. You can handle patron accounts (creating new ones, and checkout to a specific patron, overdue fines, etc). Checkins, checkouts, overdue notices, catalog maintenance, and much more.

The online library is a website which allows the same system to be used by the public that is used by the library staff. The staff directory is password protected.



Licensed under the GNU General Public License.

Learn more about GNU and free software at


A demonstration of the library is online here.

You can tour the staff section here. The username and password are both guest.


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